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Winter Days

Our Winter blog is here. Please remember to click on the pictures in order to see all of them. Also a big welcome to Liam and his parents Wendy and Justin. If you see them, please introduce yourselves. He attends on Thursday and Friday.

The Winter has begun and here is our winter nature table.


To prepare for the Winter, the children are preparing the garden to sleep.


Winter cooking fun. Here we are making yummy ginger muffins and gingerbread men.


A surprise from St. Nicholas, he left goodies in each child’s shoe. We heard the bells ringing outdoors while we were playing indoors. We went outside to see what was going on and we found a trail of glitter leading from the shoes all the way to the front garden and way where Monty spotted St. Nicholas flying away on his white horse in the sky.


We enjoyed creating winter crafts and making the popcorn and cranberry garlands and silk fairies for the trees.


On Three Kings Day, we made a Three Kings cake and the children found surprise kings in their snack, this made them kings or queens for the day! They all took turns wearing the kinds and queens crowns and they had special privileges we don’t usually get. Redbird is always our friend who visits the king’s castle and was with us that day for the celebration, where we found treasures left for us all, gold myrrh and frankincense.


Here are the pictures from the class play, “Mouse Finds His Winter House”.


Here we are getting dressed for the cold snowy outdoor play, then venturing out to mark our steps with our feet in the white snow….little holes, bigger holes, (look back and) see where we go!
We were also busy singing to the snow fairies, becoming little flakes of snow (on the trees and on the bushes, on the mountains afar) and singing about ol’ king winter and the north wind and their playful days together (albeit very cold days!),
We are making snow angles, racing downhill in our sleds, building snowmen (in this case, snow women – Sedona played the part in the center) making hot cocoa with marshmallows…and other various winter games!


We have been having lots of fun making gluten free handmade pasta.

Pasta 2012

Besides all of these great activities we continue to bake bread, make soup, working on handcrafts such as finger knitting and working with beeswax clay. We have celebrated FIVE birthday’s this winter.

Birthday 2012

The photos in this album include one day where the children were all drawing “tickets” that they intended to use to go through and on their “chair tunnel”. There are ticket takers and flag boys or girls that open and close the ends, it’s quite a workout. The children have come up with very creative ways to move through the tunnel and often come out sweating by the other end!