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The LONG awaited Blog!!!! How many seasons have past????

Hello All,

I am so sorry for not staying on top of the blog, but I am here for the update. My apologies. Nicole

Remember Horse Hill kids? I know that was awhile ago, but the children and teachers really enjoyed their day on horse hill.
Here are the long awaited photos. Sorry Miss Linda!

From horse_hill


A big Happy Birthday to River. She is three years old!!!


It’s Valentines day; one of our lovely valentine flowers, others of making valentines, playing in our valentine tunnel of love, receiving valentines from friends…

Folder 2b

Here the children are on a walking field trip to the farmers market…
The children got to ask questions, meet vendors, see and taste new things and practice very good manners!


Outdoor garden play on the tree swing, tire swing and trapeze bar!


Here we are going sailing in the boat……


We built the leprechaun trap and worked hard on decorating so that our friend who comes and causes mischief each year, Liam the leprechaun, would be lured in….
We came back to school hoping to have caught him so we could have some words with him regarding the condition he leaves our room in each year
as well as get many questions answered (such as what DOES a leprechaun do with all of that gold and what does his house look like). When we arrived, we found that he DID come in and turned our classroom topsy-turvy, leaving a big mess for all of us to clean up. He tossed our green glittery box trap up onto the wall of the loft and used the net to trap our own classroom wizard!


He shared in a letter written in leprechaun language (it took us a while to decipher what he was trying to tell us) that while he was playing, he had forgotten his hat in the classroom and was not sure where he left it. He said he looked for it all night and finally had to go, asking us to please find it for him.

In exchange, he left us each a cupcake hand made by Granny leprechaun – she knew to make them gluten free!
The cupcakes were left on each chair, which was strategically placed upon the table in a pyramid.

He left leprechaun greens” all over the classroom, including in the kitchen pots and bowls at the table; he had been playing with our babies and feeding them leprechaun greens!

Happy 4th Birthday to Nathaniel and Wyatt!!!


The children are making apple/cranberry muffins; chopping apples and mixing.


Here is our hungry cat puppet show:

Folder 2c

Before school (early care) music lesson with Monty and Mr. Rick.

From Folder1

Here we are planting Spring baskets:


Here is our Spring nature table:

Here’s to hoping the hare visits and finds our baskets!

Our spring celebration day and egg hunt!


Soup day; we love the great variety of veggies that are coming in for the soup, children are getting an opportunity to learn about and try many new things!
Thank you to all of you who send in contributions with your children!


Back at Fairy Glen; children playing with their boats in the water, building a fire, making rice to feed the babies….