Morning Song School, Mill Valley, Marin, CA

A magical Waldorf inspired children's program

About Morning Song Preschool

Morning Song Preschool provides a loving, inspiring and supportive place for children to thrive and develop. We offer an environment that cultivates and delights the young child’s creativity and imagination.

Founded in 1997, we are a state licensed preschool. It is our goal to foster each child’s lifelong love of learning, to encourage curiosity in all that he or she encounters and to inspire reverence for the world of nature.

Our program has remained intentionally small to provide intimate group care and excellent individual care. With a ratio of 12 students to two teachers, our group sizes are perfect for the young child’s social development, allowing children to explore and practice the skills required to build relationships. Our focus is to instill loving kindness and respect. In working and playing together, children learn appropriate social behaviors and learn the importance of recognizing social cues.

Children come into this world with an innate sense of wonder regarding the world. Adults can foster this precious state of being by consciously choosing our words and actions and by recognizing our selves the magic in the seemingly ordinary. We look for fairies in the bubbles during hand washing, use song to touch the spirit, use our imagination, and remain open for inspiration.

Rhythm is significant in our program throughout each day, week, and each season. With song, we flow seamlessly through our transitions between activities such as playing, working, gathering for circle time or story time or coming together for a puppet show. We provide a haven for the young child from the hectic, fast paced life around us all. Children’s time with us is peaceful and predictable, allowing time to blossom at the unhurried pace nature intended.


At Morning Song Preschool, our environment is carefully prepared to nurture the young child. The children feel the safety and love of the teachers, allowing them to relax and feel as if they were home. The teachers recognize and appreciate our significant role in setting a living example of nurturing and caring for one another; we have true interest in each child and the children feel this interest. The importance in guiding these children while they are away from their own parents leads us to create an environment rich with human warmth and tenderness. We are grateful to be present in each child’s life in such an important role; we are all family. During our time with the children, the teachers make a point to set aside all personal matters; our goal is to remain genuinely present. Our motivation and enthusiasm create inspiration and learning. The children feel the safety and love of the teachers, allowing them to relax and feel as if they were home. We love seeing the children express their happiness with joy and laughter. Working in Morning Song requires a great commitment. Our level of self-care must remain high to offer our best at all times. Our classroom is enchanting and inviting, song and laughter often fills the air. We use only natural lighting. Filtered through hand-dyed silk window coverings, soft colors fill the room.

We create lasting childhood memories through the nurturing of the child’s senses. From the sweet smells of lavender in the air to the smell of our home-made bread baking in the oven, the feel of the silk play cloths, natural wooden toys and the wool and cotton hand made baby dolls. Just like great-grandmothers, we have a game closet for the children and yarn baskets to practice our finger knitting. And on especially rainy days when it’s just too wet to play out in the garden, the special “rainy day” toys come into the room and the air is filled with excitement. All of these special moments are carried throughout our environment creating a comforting mood.

Our play garden has its own charming appeal, with Grandfather Apple (our large apple tree) for climbing or swinging on the tree swing, organic gardens (cultivated by the children and teachers), a natural wood climbing structure, a unique boat area where the children become captains, sailors, pirates and fisherman over the granite riverbed, a large sandbox, a tire swing and trapeze bar and old fashioned toys. There are tricycles and balls to choose from, and large wooden blocks to build houses, ice cream stands or airplanes. The children love to try the hula hoops and bounce on the mini bouncer along their way. Sometimes you might find all of the children drawing with the colorful sidewalk chalk together! We often gather on the redwood benches under Grandfather Apple Tree for storytelling. We enjoy lunch together in the garden as many days a year as weather permits.